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CMOS - MEMS Integration

Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) integrate mechanical and electrical components and have feature in micron-sized sizes that can sense, process and/or control the surrounding environment. They may be fabricated using methods similar to those used to construct integrated circuits and they have the potential of providing significant cost advantages when batch fabricated. Their size also makes it possible to integrate them into a wide range of systems. MEMS-based sensors are a crucial component in automotive electronics such as cell phones, PDAs, and hard disk drives, computer peripherals, and wireless devices. Every major marke has now embraced the technology.

Analog Mixed-Signal

Analog Mixed signal research group focus on integrated circuit design of analog circuit and digital circuit design. The group interest is to explore new a technique , to design data converter circuit and application specifics circuitry. The group has managed to design circuit such as readout circuit , bandgap circuit , digital to analog converter , analog to digital converter and drivers. Application of the those circuit is in the area of telecommunication, solid state lighting and and medical engineering.

System On Chip

Current trends in IC design have gone beyond design at separate domains of digital, analog or mixed-signal but association of these at a system level. System-on-chip (SoC) have taken centre-stage at any design endeavour.

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